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Does my dog have a favorite toy?

Does my dog have a favorite toy?

You may see your dog holding his favorite toy for comforting him, whether he‘s nervous about something or just happy to be playing. This is usually a psychological method of dealing with stress or anxiety. Dogs will tend to prefer items that taste nice or make certain noises. Some toys...

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What Do Dog Lovers Think of These Five Brands of Dog Food? Wild Earth, Holistic Select, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Eagle Pack, and AvoDerm

Hill’s Dog Food Alternatives

Chronic kidney disease is a lifetime condition for old dogs and cats. Selecting proper food alternatives for your pet is the key to improving their situation. Aside from Hill’s, they are pet food manufacturers that are now offering pet food.   Hill’s Dog Food Alternatives Around ten percent of the...

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Cat Food Vs. Kitten Food: What's The Difference?

JOCK Dog Food Vs. Montego

JOCK Dog Food and Montego are two of the leading South African pet food manufacturers. They provide high-quality food formulas for cats and dogs with various age ranges. For people living in South Africa, it can reduce delivery costing   JOCK Dog Food Vs. Montego South Africa contains a large...

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dogAlternatives to Hill’s i/d Dog Food

Alternatives to Hill’s i/d Dog Food

Hill’s Pet Nutrition makes pet food formulas to give a perfect balance of nutrients for your furry companions. Unfortunately, despite being a household brand, Hill’s dog food products have been recalled.   Alternatives to Hill’s i/d Dog Food   Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a manufacturer that provides a specialized prescription diet...

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How long does a male dog have to wear the cone after neutering

Can A Dog Wear a Cone in a Crate?

The dog cone or the Elizabethan collar is one of the most disliked tools in veterinary practice because of some pop culture connotations. However, it’s essential to understand that it serves a good purpose, one that cannot be ignored, especially after your dog undergoes any surgical procedure.   Can A...

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How to get a tick off a dog with dish soap?

Malaseb Dog Shampoo Alternative

Do you use Malaseb medicated shampoo for your dogs? First, learn more about this shampoo, its pros and cons, as well as viable alternatives. Then, keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny with fair skin and coat care products.  Malaseb Dog Shampoo Alternative Shampooing dogs may be one of the...

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dogCan Dog Eat Egg with Shell

Science Diet z/d Dog Food Alternative

Science Diet and Prescription Diet are several formulated dog foods created by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Lately, this manufacturer is recalled for its potentially toxic vitamin D levels found on 33 dog food variants—select dog food alternatives with the same formulation, minus the health risk.   Science Diet z/d Dog Food...

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Who is Chewbacca based off of?

Other questions related to famous movie character's name who was inspired by filmmaker george lucas's dog Which famous movie character's name was inspired by filmmaker george lucas's dog? George Lucas, the famous filmmaker behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones is known for his love of dogs. In fact, George's dog...

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