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What is the biggest bird in the world?

Which is the largest flying bird in the world? The world is known for the 23 species of albatrosses, although perhaps the most famous and widespread species is the wandering albatross, an eagle-sized bird that wanders across the ocean on its own. What is the biggest bird in the world...

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baby bird

How to feed a baby bird?

Should baby birds be given water? An exception to this rule is the pigeon. These adults are able to go without water for 24 hours and still find food to eat. Most other baby birds lose their stomach completely after a few hours of fasting, but pigeons will continue to...

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What is Nevada’s state bird?

Why is the Nevada state bird a mountain bluebird? One hundred years ago, the Nevada state legislature decided to name the mountain bluebird as the official state bird. Now this wonder in our nature is also the country's state bird of Idaho.   What are Nevada bluebirds? The Nevada state...

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What bird lays blue eggs?

What lays a large blue egg? Eggs of birds range in different colors to suit their aesthetic design. For example, blackbird eggs can be a mixture of blue and brown and robin eggs might be a mixture of blue and green. Why is a robin's egg blue? The blue egg...

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What’s it like to be a bird?

One of the best-selling bird field guides, "What It's Like to Be a Bird" may not inspire the kind of critical appreciation that such accolades might deserve. But it's nonetheless a stunning book, one that vividly and beautifully captures the richness and complexity of bird experience. What does it feel...

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