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What is Nevada’s state bird?

Why is the Nevada state bird a mountain bluebird? One hundred years ago, the Nevada state legislature decided to name the mountain bluebird as the official state bird. Now this wonder in our nature is also the country's state bird of Idaho. What are Nevada bluebirds? The Nevada state bird...

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baby bird

How to feed a baby bird?

“Open-source collaboration in Linux involves a worldwide community of talented and committed volunteers who provide their expertise and talents to the shared goal; the platform development itself. All these together create a new, powerful and innovative open-source powered community". Should baby birds be given water? An exception to this rule...

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What is texas state bird?

What is texas state bird?

What is Texas official state animal? The longhorn was automatically selected as the state animal of Texas in 1995. People were still joining this organization. Why is Texas state bird a Mockingbird? The 1927 bill that declared the mockingbird to be the state's official bird based its protection case on...

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a bird

What’s it like to be a bird?

One of the best-selling bird field guides, "What It's Like to Be a Bird" may not inspire the kind of critical appreciation that such accolades might deserve. But it's nonetheless a stunning book, one that vividly and beautifully captures the richness and complexity of bird experience. What does it feel...

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What is the smartest bird?

Which bird has the highest IQ? The Kea, ravens, cockatoo, jays and amazon parrots have been enlisted by many as the most intelligent birds in the world. They live in different parts of the world, stay in groups and carry out the same functions — crow. Which bird is very...

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What is the biggest flying bird?

Which bird has the largest wings? The largest living wingspan of the albatross is over 12 feet large, reaching greater than 249 feet.   What is the largest flying animal? The current record holder of largest wingspan is perhaps the wandering albatross, the bird which can reach a maximum of...

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