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How do fish have babies?

Can fish have babies by themselves? A species of freshwater fish that can impregnate itself with labial sperm and produce eggs in its own mouth say scientists.   How do fish reproduce? Most species are reproducing by two sex-separate and independent mechanisms, but some species reproduce through separate individuals and...

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What is the biggest fish

What is the biggest fish?

What are the 2 biggest fish? The basking shark is the second largest animal in the world, being next only to the whale sharks. All kinds of plankton that float in currents and feed on microscopic pygidium are its main prey.   What is the biggest fish that is not...

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koi fish

How much do koi fish cost?

Can I sell my koi fish? One option for selling a koi involves wholesale-delivered koi and ornamental fish that are then sold to retailers and hobbyists who mark them up, while the fish will be sold at retail direct, by your retail outlet that also acts as your outlet, allowing...

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betta fish

How long do betta fish live?

How long do betta fish live as a pet? Betta fish on average live to be 2-4 years old. The longevity of this fish is dependent on how you keep it in your tank. By maintaining a clean tank and feeding the betta fish with the best breeding food, you...

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How long can a fish live out of water?

How long does it take for fish to suffocate? The study found that 55–250 minutes are needed for various species of fishes to become insensible during asphyxiation. Fish that evolved in low oxygen scenarios take longer to die. At temperatures of and above 12°C, Fish lose consciousness faster.   Can...

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How do fish have sex?

How do fish get pregnant? The female delivers eggs through a special cavity within her abdomen. Then, these eggs can be fertilized either through the water or within the females body. Uniquely, the third option is for these females to keep the eggs in their bodies until they are ready...

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How do fish reproduce?

How do fish reproduce?

How do fish release sperm? Once the sperm are released, they move into the vas deferens, then travel through the epididymis into the vas deferens. Finally, the sperm are expelled by muscular contractions from the urethral orifice. However, most fish do not have seminiferous tubules. Instead, their testes produce goldfishes'...

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How to breed betta fish

How to breed betta fish?

Can you breed betta fish at home? You will need at least two tanks to stunt Betta's growth and to breed adults. However, for more elaborate setups you may also need a temporary tank for the fry before the adults are moved into their homes.   Is it hard to...

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How many fish are in the ocean

How many fish are in the ocean?

What percentage of fish are left in the ocean? With industrial fishing practices having grown rampant, 90% of all large fishes have gone missing from the world's oceans.   Will there be no fish in 2050? Up to 70% of fish resources around the world are fully exploited and in...

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