How do fish reproduce?

How do fish reproduce?

Most fish reproduce by sexual reproduction - the fusion of sperm produced from testes and eggs produced from ovaries. However,...


How to cycle a fish tank?

When setting up your aquarium, those fishes should be added gradually. You can extend the aquarium cycling process by giving...

What is the biggest fish

What is the biggest fish?

Undoubtedly, the Rhincodon typus, which is regarded as the biggest fish in the world and virtually unchanging in 400 million...

What do fish eat

What do fish eat?

The answer to this question is usually a combination of food types. Such is the case with freshwater fish which...

How many fish are in the ocean

How many fish are in the ocean?

Researchers claim that there are more than 3.5 trillion fish in the ocean today, but their status continues to change...

koi fish

How much are koi fish?

The cost of koi fish can greatly vary and range depending on if purchased individually within an aquarium or more...

How to clean a fish tank?

How to clean a fish tank?

For those who are asking how to clean a fish tank, there are many ways. To start, it is important...

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