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How to clean a fish tank

How to clean a fish tank?

For those who are asking how to clean a fish tank, there are many ways. To start, it is important to wash your arms and hands to your elbows. Next, unplug the filtration system and all lights. Remove any synthetic decorations and fibers from the glass and scrub it with...

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How often do you feed betta fish?

How often do you feed betta fish?

You should feed your pet fish two to four pellets at a time. Considering that a betta fish can survive 12–24 hours without food, its unexpected death due to lack of meals can happen during this time. However, it is believed that frozen or just-cooked fish is easier to keep...

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What fish can live with bettas

What fish can live with bettas?

Fish that can live with bettas and are new to the pet trade are catfish known as Cory Catfish. This fish has bright colors and versatile themes that you can choose from. Cultured Guppies, Ember Tetras and the amazing Platies are yet additions to the ... aquarium world, which you...

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How do fish have sex?

How do fish get pregnant? The female delivers eggs through a special cavity within her abdomen. Then, these eggs can be fertilized either through the water or within the females body. Uniquely, the third option is for these females to keep the eggs in their bodies until they are ready...

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Why is my fish tank cloudy?

How do you clear up a cloudy fish tank?

Not uncommon, after starting a new aquarium, the aquarium can become cloudy due to the formation of nitrogen converting bacteria. Furthermore, this same bacterium can bloom if there is a sudden increase in nutrients in an established aquarium. How do you clear up a cloudy fish tank? Adding activated carbon...

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How often do you feed fish

How often do you feed fish?

How much should I feed my fish each day? As food consumption is excessive, a good rule of thumb is to use smaller quantities of food fish will finish completely in five to ten minutes. It is better to feed fish less than thought at first. Excess for fish can...

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