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the caged

Why does the caged bird sing?

Inspired after the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Angelou writes her memoir as a way of coping with the death of her friend. This real-life story tells twelve years and sixty-five autobiographical poems and draws the attention of the world to its new perspective. Why does the bird...

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What is Nevada’s state bird?

Why is the Nevada state bird a mountain bluebird? One hundred years ago, the Nevada state legislature decided to name the mountain bluebird as the official state bird. Now this wonder in our nature is also the country's state bird of Idaho. What are Nevada bluebirds? The Nevada state bird...

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the state bird

What is the state bird?

The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) has become the state bird of seven states, followed by the western meadowlark (Sturnella neglect) as the state bird of six states. What is the symbol for our state bird? The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States since 1782, when...

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Why is bird poop white?

While mammals excrete nitrogenous wastes mainly as urea, birds convert it to uric acid or guanine lowering water loss. So, the white part is actually bird pee, which is the dark center that is the poop. Why do birds make white poop? For birds, this white paste that they produce...

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What does the bird sing about?

What does the bird sing about?

Birds use songs for a variety of purposes, depending on the season and each individual bird's needs. The most common reasons for birds to sing include defending territory, advertising and claiming ancestry. What did the bird sing about? Maya Angelou's poem describes the plight of a bird who is pecked...

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How much does a bird cost?

Birds like willow finches will cost relatively cheaper than birds like cockatoos. Cockatoos might cost anywhere between $100,000 - $300,000 while willow finch can be bought for just under $100 Does PetSmart have good birds? Visit the bird and animal online shop to give yourself a bird companion. Then Visit...

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What is Georgia’s state bird?

If you guessed the brown thrasher, you are correct. Since March 20, 1970, The Garden Club of Georgia Inc. have been promoting the selection of the brown thrasher is Georgia's official state bird, achieving such a feat after a 35-year campaign. What is the official bird of Georgia? The official...

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What bird lays blue eggs?

Like some other species of birds, the common blackbird (blackbird Eurasian blackbird or English sparrow) also has an egg-laying cycle. The common blackbird's eggs are blue-Ish green in color with pronounced red speckles. They are long and wide, and the average width is 22mm, whereas the length is 29mm. What...

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a bird

What’s it like to be a bird?

One of the best-selling bird field guides, "What It's Like to Be a Bird" may not inspire the kind of critical appreciation that such accolades might deserve. But it's nonetheless a stunning book, one that vividly and beautifully captures the richness and complexity of bird experience. What does it feel...

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a red bird

What does a red bird mean?

What does it mean when a red bird crosses your path? There is a belief that when a cardinal bird or cardinal action serves to draw attention and motivate something romantic, you're always in a relationship. However, if you already already have a significant other and the incident is unexpected,...

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