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How do fish reproduce?

How do fish reproduce?

Most fish reproduce by sexual reproduction - the fusion of sperm produced from testes and eggs produced from ovaries. However, some fish species have separate sexes and others live as hermaphrodites. How do fish release sperm? Once the sperm are released, they move into the vas deferens, then travel through...

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How many fish are in the ocean

How many fish are in the ocean?

Researchers claim that there are more than 3.5 trillion fish in the ocean today, but their status continues to change due to ecology and human activity. What percentage of fish are left in the ocean? With industrial fishing practices having grown rampant, 90% of all large fishes have gone missing...

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What fish can live with bettas

What fish can live with bettas?

Fish that can live with bettas and are new to the pet trade are catfish known as Cory Catfish. This fish has bright colors and versatile themes that you can choose from. Cultured Guppies, Ember Tetras and the amazing Platies are yet additions to the ... aquarium world, which you...

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What do small fish eat?

What do small fish eat?

What do small fish eat in the wild? Like quite a few fishes, this carnivore also requires protein, as well as amino acids and vitamins. Their high percentage of protein can supplement the necessary proteins in their water; however, they ideally require at least 70% of their diet. A large...

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koi fish

How much do koi fish cost?

Can I sell my koi fish? One option for selling a koi involves wholesale-delivered koi and ornamental fish that are then sold to retailers and hobbyists who mark them up, while the fish will be sold at retail direct, by your retail outlet that also acts as your outlet, allowing...

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How often do you feed fish

How often do you feed fish?

How much should I feed my fish each day? As food consumption is excessive, a good rule of thumb is to use smaller quantities of food fish will finish completely in five to ten minutes. It is better to feed fish less than thought at first. Excess for fish can...

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