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Yoyipet began in 2020 as a pet supply company. We at Yoyipet are pet lovers, too. We have a thorough knowledge of their wants and needs, based on our personal experiences and scientific studies. We believe that your pets deserve the newest and the best, which is why we are offering our premium pet products for cats and dogs to you. We genuinely believe that your pets are going to have a grand time with all of our products. Our real customers are your pets – through you!

Our company philosophy has always been focusing on the daily and lifetime needs of your pets. From items that bring them enjoyment and exercise to essential items that allow pet owners to guide and take care of their pets, we make sure that all our products have passed stringent quality control assessments, so they are always safe to use by your beloved pets. Our passionate team helps passionate pet parents reach levels of connection that they have always dreamed of with their furbabies and fur balls. We want to be always supportive of our associate’s team, our customers, and our genuine customers – your pets. Wherever you may be, know that Yoyipet is always thinking of how we can make your time with your pets more fun and more worthwhile than before.


We are continually looking out for pets everywhere and thinking of new and innovative ways to improve your pets’ lives. We are obsessed with delivering the best possible services to pets everywhere. We believe that it is in the daily experiences of pets that they get the energy to be even happier, gentler, and more energetic the next time around. We make sure that all our products increase the happiness levels of both the pet owner and the pets. If you care a lot about making your pets comfortable in their forever home, then you are going to love Yoyipet’s super select range of pet supplies, including toys and leashes. Our experiences and passion in the pet supply industry allow us to offer products that don’t just make pets happy – we make them active and eager for life, too.

Yoyipet continually strives to make a difference in the things that we do. Whether it’s upgrading the pet owner’s experience in taking care of a new pet or making senior cats and dogs more comfortable and relaxed in a new atmosphere, we believe that with the right combination of tools and toys, you can create an ideal atmosphere for your pets to thrive in. We continuously research the rising trends in pet care, and we ensure that all the latest innovations become part of our ever-growing roster of ideal pet products. We believe that the bonding process between pets and pet owners comes full circle when you have the right toys and tools at hand. So if you have ever wondered how you can make your pets’ life even better, Yoyipet’s exclusive range of products and pet supplies is the answer.

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