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koi fish

What do koi fish eat?

What do you feed koi fish in a pond? Actually, they like food, as they will eat just about anything in their pond, from small fish and invertebrates, to plants...


Why does my dog snort like a pig?

If you interested in “Why does my dog snort like a pig?”.  Because it's a habit of dogs. Dogs are known to snore, so it makes sense that they would...

Cancer in Dogs

Understanding Cancer in Dogs

Dogs can develop several types of cancer. The majority of carcinomas affect senior dogs, especially those from larger breeds. Understand how dogs get cancer today.

a bird

How to get a bird out of your house?

What does it mean when a bird flies in your house? All interpretations of the bird flying in the house mean are not guaranteed to happen the way the text...

Building Perfect Cat Shelves at Home

Building Perfect Cat Shelves at Home

Floating cat shelves and wall-installed scratching posts are essential for fur moms and fur dads who want to keep their felines happy and content.


How many hairs on a dog?

A dog has hair on its body, head, tail, ears, feet, neck, cheeks, belly, legs, claws, nails, whiskers, teeth, fur, beard, coat, muzzle, eyes, nose, mouth, lips, tongue, earlobes, nostrils,...

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