Pet Absorbent Towels Yellow – Grey 15.7x 23.6 Inches,Get A Look At The Microfiber Pet Towel


  • Pack of a pet absorbent towels
  • Super absorbent quick drying mechine washable
  • The Size: 15.7*23.6 inch, suitable size for your pets.
  • How to Use: Unroll the towel and gently dry your beloved pet.

Pet towels as pet supplies are based on stains, naturally, they should be chosen with care.  Because Microfiber Pet towel can be used in two ways — as both a bath towel and water-based water-based towel — it is simple to use and easy to clean.    And when you wipe your pet’s hair, you can interact with the pet and enhance the relationship.  


Pet absorbent towels can both bathe and dry the pet’s body .

Microfiber pet towel is a material that will dry water quickly.

Are you still feeling the pain of washing your pet in winter because the hair is too long to dry out? If so, be sure to check out this Microfiber Pet towel.

 Pet absorbent towels priests are materials made from ultrafine fibers that quickly absorb moisture.  And it is easy to clean and dry.  This one is 15.7*23.6inch, so it can be used as a towel if your pet is smaller, or as a towel if it’s larger.  Using a Microfiber pet towel is very simple, just like a regular towel. Just open a Pet Absorbent towel and gently wipe your Pet with it.  Don’t worry about needing a wipe, as these are a Microfiber pet towel that will dry moisture quickly  .


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