What does husky eat?

The husky is a beautiful Arctic and Siberian breed of dog. They are known for their distinctive wolf-like appearance, as well as their endurance and strength. Huskies require very specific care in terms of food intake to maintain proper health. In recent years, veterinarians have been advocating the whole prey...

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what are good food for dog

Some humans foods make great treats for pets, such as carrots, apples, white rice, milk, fish, chicken, peanut butter, plain popcorn, etc. However, there are some foods which are not safe to feed dogs. For example, some dog foods contain pesticides, which can cause health problems for animals. Also, certain...

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How To Crush Dog Kibble

Dog kibble can potentially provide a healthy option for your pet. It is an economical way to provide the proper nutrients and minerals for your furry pet. Furthermore, crushing dog kibble will make it easier for smaller dog breeds and young pups to consume.   How To Crush Dog Kibble...

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Dog Glucometer Vs. Human Glucometer

Human glucometers are sometimes used to measure the dog’s insulin level. However, using this material can provide inaccurate results. On the other hand, dogs can be used to help you monitor your blood sugar effectively.   Dog Glucometer Vs. Human Glucometer If you are taking care of a diabetic dog,...

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Do Dog Treats Expire

Dog treats are fantastic if you are training your dog. But can you store these dog treats for the long term? What happens if you feed your dog with expired or spoiled dog treats?   Do Dog Treats Expire   Dog treats are essential if you are training your dog...

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Alternatives To Orijen Dog Food

Orijen is considered one of the best dog food manufacturers today. Yet, due to its high value and unavailability to specific regions, dog owners are looking for inexpensive alternatives. Royal Canin is one of the favorite products that could top up with Orijen’s quality.   Alternatives To Orijen Dog Food...

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