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How often do you feed fish

How often do you feed fish?

How much should I feed my fish each day? As food consumption is excessive, a good rule of thumb is to use smaller quantities of food fish will finish completely in five to ten minutes. It is better to feed fish less than thought at first. Excess for fish can...

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What kind of fish is nemo

What kind of fish is nemo?

What breed of fish is Nemo? Nemo is Marlin, an orange-pink fish also known as an ocellaris clownfish that resides in sea anemones just like in the movie.   What kind of fish are Nemo and Dory? The Blue Tangs are also known as paracanthurus and Sapphirina ancistrodon, The Blue Hippo Tang...

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How do most fish reproduce?

How do fish reproduce? Reproduction in fish is basically sexual. For most fish, eggs with sperm within join to produce a couple. Hermaphrodites have both ovaries and testes, and occasionally lays eggs with some type and the other mating events may generate lone or hermaphroditic fish.   How do fish...

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koi fish

What do koi fish eat?

What do you feed koi fish in a pond? Actually, they like food, as they will eat just about anything in their pond, from small fish and invertebrates, to plants and algae at the bottom of the pond. Koi like Ponzu Sauce and bananas. They even eat human food such...

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