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How do fish breathe

How do fish breathe?

Do fish breathe through their lungs? Everything has organs in the same way we do. Fish also primarily rely on their organs for survival. They use gills or gill slits below their fins to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. But our lungs are much more complex, consisting of...

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What fish can live with bettas

What fish can live with bettas?

What kind of fish can I put with a betta? Bettas must have a sterile tank, not more than 100 gallons, that must be calmer than your home, as Bettas really like to flip and climb. Because of this reason, pygmy Corydoras are a good option in tanks for Bettas...

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Why is my fish tank cloudy

Why is my fish tank cloudy?

How do you clear up a cloudy fish tank? Clear up cloudy aquarium water effectively with these sometimes neglected tools and methods. Seed with an effective natural bacteria pre-converting ammonia to nitrite. Perform regular filter maintenance to keep the water clean. Stock with a smaller aquarium prepared for smaller fish...

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How to clean a fish tank?

How to clean a fish tank?

Do you remove fish when cleaning the tank? Before removing any fish, I have to be sure that none of the fish will be harmed. Plus it is safe to keep a few fish during the cleaning process if they are not the bottom dwellers or those with a long...

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How do fish sleep?

How do fish sleep?

How can you tell if a fish is asleep? Unlike sleeping humans that you'll find lying down on the ground, sleeping fish that you see can easily be detected by their slow breathing. In fact, it's pretty easy to tell when fish are asleep… they lie motionless, at the bottom...

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What do fish eat

What do fish eat?

What do you feed fish at home? What to feed your fish at home, there are some food types that you have already known and have given them (some known till today), such as flesh and organs, raw eggs, good and organic feed to grass and plants because they are...

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What kinda fish is dory

What kinda fish is dory?

Is Dory fish Tilapia? Dory and tilapia are two types of small whitefish fish, but tiny in size and appearance. Other than that, there is no similarity in these two fish at all. Is Dory a flounder? The actual Disney character Dory, based on the blue tang (Paracanthurus hepatus), also...

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