What kind of dog is Brian

Brian is a Golden Retriever. He enjoys long walks in the park, chewing on his favorite bone, and cuddling with his owner before bedtime. Brian's favorite toy is a small squeaky tennis ball that he loves to play fetch with. His fur coat never stops growing! The only time he...

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What kind of dog does katy perry have

Katy Perry has a variety of dogs, including a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire terrier and Australian shepherd. She also has cats named Lilly, Lola, Daisy, Nana, Fluffy and Pippa. These dogs are all part of her life and she loves them dearly....

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What is the state dog of new hampshire?

In New Hampshire, dogs are required to have a license to own a pet. The state has a special license called a "pet license." This is available to those who have been convicted of a crime involving the possession of illegal drugs, prostitution, theft, burglary, animal cruelty, possession child pornography,...

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